Degustazione al buio per Le Bastìe Bianco con ottimo punteggio

Il nostro vino Le Bastìe Bianco 2009 è stato degustato al buio dal grande sommelier Andreas Larsson che ne ha decretato un punteggio di 91/100 sul sito Tasted 100% Blind.

Riportiamo qui la sua valutazione:

Quite deep golden colour, but still with good brightness. The nose indicates some maturity, both ripeness and maturity I would say. There is a great wealth of ripe stone fruit, almost with a tropical hint. There is some honey, pineapple, good spiciness element as well. Quite complex with some butter and vanilla. There might be initial some oak but it is quite well integrated at this stage I would say. Very good bite on the palate. I think in terms of texture, it has really rounded. It has gotten a very round and opulent texture in terms of fruitiness. It is still balanced by a nice bright acidity. There is good extract there with lime zest, some grapey notes. I think there is a hint of oak in the background. It has a certain age to this wine, it is just a slight hint of vanilla and creaminess on the mid-palate. Bold, long and lingering finish. Complex white wine with evolution. No hints of oxidation. Still with a very good level of freshness. I really like it.