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Special wines

People always say they want to open a bottle of wine on a special occasion. We keep it there, waiting for the right moment. But there is no perfect moment, until we decide that that moment is NOW.

Award-winning wine

Metodo Classico

Cuvèe 38

Elegant and noble combination of structure and vivacity, fine perlage, pleasant and full bodied wine with very long finish, a Metodo Classico from Pinot nero, Chardonnay and
Pinot Bianco grapes recalls peach, apricot and dry pastries notes. Ideal as aperitif, it goes perfectly with fish and shellfish, as well as with the finest cold cuts and creamy cheese.

Award-winning wine

Merlot chinato


This surprising Merlot fortified according to a traditional recipe, made by infusion of precious natural herbs such as aloe, china, artemisia, coriander, rhubarb, orange and elderberry is a unique and elegant liqueur wine, even more sublime in combination with dark chocolate.


Our Classics

Our recognizable, fresh, non-sparkling wines are single-variety in order to best express the specific qualities of the individual vine.