Le Bastìe Bianco nominated for the “Corona”, Vinibuoni d’Italia guide

Our “Le Bastìe Bianco” has been nominated for the “Corona” award of the Vinibuoni d’Italia guide. The vote will take place from 23rd to 25th July in Buttrio (UD) during the Finals in collaboration with ERSA – Agenzia Regionale per lo Sviluppo Rurale, Buttrio municipality and Buri Proloco.

The final kermesse will be public and everyone will follow the jury’s works led by Mario Busso, Vinibuoni d’Italia Guide curator and Alessandro Scorsone who signed the Spumante Metodo Classico selections. They will also be supported by a group of regional coordinators chosen.

This year, as likely as what happened during the last edition, during the Finals, bloggers, wine shops owners, importers, producers and wine lovers, will be able to vote during simultaneus sessions thanks to the event “Oggi le Corone le decido io”, to appoint their favourite wines with the “Corona”. The results of these vote will be point out with a specific orange “Corona” in the Vinibuoni d’Italia guide.

On Saturday 25th July from 8:30 PM there will be the final kermesse, called “Dream of a mid-summer night”.
Booking required, limited seats:
Pro Loco BURI Tel: 0432 673511 E-mail: info@buri.it
The event include 650 different wines tasting and costs € 30,00