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Braised radicchio (red chicory) of Treviso

cheese canapés and sweet-n-sour sauce

1. Braise plenty of finely chopped onion, add the radicchio and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle on white wine and a little vinegar. Cook until al dente.

2. Make a sauce with anchovy fillets, garlic, sultanas, pine nuts, fresh sausage, lemon juice, white wine, vinegar and a little cream. Blend all the ingredients together and keep them warm.

3. Roll out little rounds of short pastry and cook them in the oven.

4. When cool, fill them with a mousse made of soft Robiola cheese.

5. Serve the dish with the canapé and the red chicory in the middle. Drizzle it all with the hot sauce.

Recommended wine:

Rigole Rosso