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Creamy risotto

with pumpkin, rosemary, and quail thighs with marsala

1. Peel the pumpkin, cut it into large pieces and cook it in salted water. Drain it, dry it in the oven (better done the day before) and then sieve the pulp.

2. Gently brown the quail thighs in a pan, sprinkle them with a little Marsala, place them on a covered baking sheet and finish cooking them in the oven.

3. Add the Marsala to the pan with some meat broth and reduce to obtain a slightly thick sauce.

4. Sautè the onion, toss the rice for one minute, sprinkle with white wine, let it evaporate and continue cooking in the meat broth.

5. When half cooked, add the pumpkin puree, and when cooked, cream the risotto with Parmigiano cheese and fresh butter. Season with chopped rosemary.

6. Serve the risotto on warm dishes. Place a quail thigh on it and glaze with the Marsala sauce.

Recommended wine:

Le Bastìe Bianco