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The most complex part of our work is that which leads us to produce the grapes. Only healthy grapes, fruit of a land that is cared for, respecting the cycles and times of nature, will be able to generate special wines.

Sustainability is a broad term which, however, comprises specific practices that can be adopted in the vineyard to ensure that the earth maintains its biodiversity and vitality.
Nature is complex by definition, and we work hard to keep its complexity intact.


The relationship of a wine-maker with his or her land is a long-term one, and we, at Tenute Tomasella, have been committed every day, for over fifty years now, to protecting the environment, nature, the ecosystem and biodiversity, creating genuine wine that is respectful of the earth that brings them to life.


It’s a commitment of great responsibility, undertaken since the very beginnings of the estate, in which tradition and experimentation meet in search of a sustainable balance between land and vine. It’s a virtuous undertaking that is formalized today with the beginning of the process of organic certification.
The conversion of our vineyards to this type of culture has been an important choice for us, in line with our company philosophy, and a conscious and highly desired decision, which puts us in the front line as guardians of the land for future generations.


A further sign of the commitment of our winery to an ever more sustainable future is our membership to Saving Bees, a project born with the purpose of promoting Apiculture and creating a new awareness of bees: awareness of the fact that without bees, there can be no life.


Together with Saving Bees and Centoboschi, we have committed to a project that will give life to the first existing arboreal bee oasis: the Forest for Pollinators.

The forest will extend over 1.7 hectares within our estate, providing a home to more than 550 trees and shrubs, all studied to offer refuge and nourishment to pollinators, especially to wild bees.

Only time will show us the fruits of this project, in the meantime, we remain in eager anticipation, enjoying the spectacle step by step!