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The Borderland

Our wines are united in respect for the territorial specificities that overcome the boundaries set by men. The sky and the earth have no borders, and so we respect the work of nature, as guests of this land, in order to preserve the specific qualities of the different geographical areas.

We inhabit two regions that share deep, meaningful stories linked to the particularities of the earth, where wines transmit the specific accents of each area, to speak to the whole world of the beauty we see every day.

It is essential for us that each bottle constitutes a symphony composed in the vineyard. Just as music has no boundaries, neither does the earth, whose boundaries are drawn only by men. Looking at the sky and the earth teaches us to be part of a whole, and not above everything. We produce wine in order to learn respect for the immensity that surrounds us.

DOC Friuli is the largest of the Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) wine areas in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, comprising its plain and various territories with their individual identities.

Composed of clayey, alluvial soils, able to drain the considerable rainfall of this region, the DOC Friuli wine area also benefits from an appreciable breeze that ventilates and dries the vines, preventing all sorts of rot, and giving us healthy grapes for wines of great character.

Simplicity, respect, tradition and the future.

We live in a healthy environment, with people for whom it is important to pass on values, and, therefore, where habits and traditions are renewed from generation to generation.



It is not taken for granted that the climate is the big one accused of the increase in alcohol content […]