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Every Tenute Tomasella wine belongs to its own category, to allow everyone to discover with their own taste something that speaks of the places and people who work that land every day.

From pure grape varieties vinified with care and simplicity to the joy and freshness of our sparkling wines and the depth of quality of our special selections.

Attention to the finest details in order to express the vast ampelographic richness of our territories.


Our Classics

Our recognizable, fresh, non-sparkling wines are single-variety in order to best express the specific qualities of the individual vine.


Our Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines designed for moments of joy and friendship, with a persistent perlage, sensations of cleanliness and freshness and other distinctive qualities perfect for any aperitif.



Deep and wide are the lands that combine in this meeting of harmonies, where the pride of being able to produce high quality wines leads us to search for ever greater pleasure and amazement in their unique expressions.


Special wines

Everyone should keep a bottle aside for a special occasion. We do!

Awards and Recognitions

Every award we receive is a testament to the quality of our wines. It is confirmation of all the efforts we make and attention we pay to every single step of the wine-making process, from the choice of the land to its cultivation, harvesting and the refinement of our wines, confirmation that we have done our very best. Awards give us the enthusiasm to continue improving and work even harder every day in our search for perfection.

Below is a brief selection of the major awards we have received over the last few years.