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The Tenute Tomasella estates are located on the border between Friuli and Veneto, between the wine regions of DOC Friuli and Prosecco DOC Treviso.

The winery enjoys the combination of two areas with very different geographical characteristics, cultures and traditions, in its constant search for those details that make a good wine excellent.

But there’s more. We believe that in order to arouse emotions, it is essential to listen with patience to what the earth has to say. It is a passion that has been handed down from generation to generation, a common thread that binds those of us that, for 50 years, have dedicated our skills, time and effort.

Tenute Tomasella combines tradition and innovation, with manual work in the vineyard finding all the technology it needs in the cellar to intervene just enough and in just the right way to guarantee healthy wines and honour the wonderful work of nature.
Our expert knowledge of our vines allows us care for our grapes in their ripening process in the most sustainable and low impact way. Our land has been dedicated to viticulture ever since ancient times, and enjoy a special micro-climate perfectly suited to the needs of our vines.

We have a total of 50 hectares of vineyards across the DOC Friuli and Prosecco DOC Treviso wine regions, 10 of which in Friuli and 40 in Veneto.

Specialization and the enhancement of the culture of wine are qualities recognized by the connoisseurs that visit our winery.

The uniqueness of a wine comes from its ability to escape frames of reference. We know our vineyards and the vine varieties intimately, and we know how to recognize their qualities and potential.
Wine teaches us how to be amazed, and often leaves us speechless. To maintain that amazement, every day we listen to what the earth has to tell us.
This is how our wines manage to transcend the vine, the grape variety and the boundaries of our tastes, letting us rediscover our sense of surprise and the desire to be amazed just like the very first time, all over again.

Project Tergeo, for an eco-sustainable philosophy throughout the different phases of the production cycle.