The Vineyards

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The Vineyards

Mansuè is situated in Veneto, however, the vineyards of the Tenute Tomasella winery border with the DOC Grave area in Friuli.
The winery estate covers 150 hectares in these two regions with 30 hectares (23 in Veneto and 7 in Friuli) under vines.

The first wines made in Mansuè, an interesting line of Sparkling wines made according to the long Charmat method, were characterised by their pronounced effervescence.
The path of change has recently led to the development of a line of wines from Friuli.

The winery’s principles, however, have always remained the same, regardless of the geographical location of the vineyards, exploiting the best characteristics of its two “terroirs”.

The Terroir and its Special Features

Le Grave

On 20 July 1970, the Designation of Origin of the area was acknowledged in a decree.

Le Grave refers to a surface area covering about 7,500 hectares straddling the Tagliamento river, between the provinces of Pordenone and Udine.

The high plain of Friuli, close to the pre-Alps, is a natural landscape of striking uniqueness. This large area was created by the floods of the Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento rivers, which, over millennia, have deposited huge amounts of Dolomitic limestone torn away from the mountains by the aggressive action of water and dragged downstream along their riverbeds.

The entire plain comprises alluvial soils, which are coarse in the northern DOC area, becoming gradually finer as the rivers continue their course. In addition to providing the soils of the Grave area, the mountains shelter it from the cold winds from the north., oltre ad aver dato origine al terreno delle Grave, lo riparano dai venti freddi provenienti da nord.
This fact, together with the beneficial effect of the Adriatic Sea, has contributed to a climate that is ideal for vine growing.

Another factor, however, also contributes to making the Grave area suited to the production of quality wines: the soil, characterised by a large stony surface, enhances the temperature range between the day and the night, thereby helping to produce grapes with pronounced aromas and fragrant and elegant wines.

Covering about 300,000 hectares, the DOC Friuli Grave area takes first place among the regional Designations with over 50% of the total production. In the Grave area, as throughout the entire vine-growing area of Friuli, wine is named after the grape variety from which it comes.

Wines made from white grape varieties are fresh, fruity and elegant, whereas red wines are well-balanced and fragrant when young, full-bodied and well-structured when aged.