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Merlot chinato


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Tasting Notes

A wine full of character, harmony and enduring pleasant taste, rich in flavour and fragrance. An absolutely superb wine. It’s full of soothing and curative properties and has a “long-lasting” finish.

Food pairings

Excellent with a piece of good quality dark chocolate and all chocolate based desserts. Exquisite also on its own as an after dinner drink.



a rich digestive wine obtained from the vinification of selected Merlot grapes, aged in oak barrels and flavoured with herbal essences of aloe, absinth, calumba, coriander, rubharb, cinchona, orange, elder flowers, among others.


we suggest to serve it sightly cool in a liqueur glass.


Awards and Recognitions

The Wine Hunter


Bibenda 2020

3/5 grappoli

sistema di qualità nazionale produzione integrata


Special wines

Award-winning wine

Metodo Classico

Cuvèe 38

Elegant and noble combination of structure and vivacity, fine perlage, pleasant and full bodied wine with very long finish, a Metodo Classico from Pinot nero, Chardonnay and
Pinot Bianco grapes recalls peach, apricot and dry pastries notes. Ideal as aperitif, it goes perfectly with fish and shellfish, as well as with the finest cold cuts and creamy cheese.